Money & Gender at CIIS

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California Institute of Integral Studies | Public Programs

Money impacts everyone. Whether we have it or we don’t, we all think about money frequently. Women have additional hurdles regarding money—women have historically been barred from controlling their own finances, dealt with stereotypes based on gender, and suffered inequality in pay and income.

For gender-fluid and transgender individuals, these problems can be even more impactful. Kate Levinson, therapist, entrepreneur, and author of Emotional Currency: A Women’s Guide to Building a Healthy Relationship with Money, brings forward feminine values and an emotional approach to financial management and planning. Her work focuses on how embracing our emotions around money and exploring our inner financial life can transform our relationship to money.

Join Kate Levinson and Kelly Kelly as they discuss the intersection of money, business, and gender. Leave with a greater understanding of the impact of gender-identity on finances, and answers about how to approach your own relationship to money. This conversation is presented in anticipation of the upcoming Women, Money, Spirit Conference taking place at CIIS on April 29, 2017.

Cost: $8 – Member, $10 – Pre-registration, $15 – At the door

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